Spare Parts Service
Technical Service

We provide one-stop solutions to our customers, for on-shore and offshore drilling platforms.

Based on years of experience, we maintain an ample stock of common spare parts to provide timely and high quality service to our customers at a low price, so that the downtime and maintenance cost is kept minimum, which is critical to the profitability of drilling operations.

Smart Wrench Series
Hydraulic Power Unit Series
Mechanical Seal Washpipe
· Provide automated solutions for spinning, make-up and break-out of drilling tubular connections on the drill floor. · JJC's patented smart torque wrench design remarkably minimizes the damage to the pipe joints. · JJC's patented chain spin wrench design significantly reduces damage to the pipe.
· Patented breathing capsule design extends the service life of hydraulic fluid and reduces frequency of replacement. · Patented control methodology with the combination of pressure relief and unloading significantly reduces energy consumption. · Patented design of fully enclosed tank extends the service life of hydraulic components.
· Extended work life: up to 1500 hours; suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and high speed; WBM or OBM.. · Easy to maintain: it takes only 10 minutes or less to replace the seal rings. · Suitable for all top drives of common models and makes.